A Different Kind of Search Firm

Your Culture. Your Priorities. Your Aspirations.

We have created our Firm to address the need for a more personalized, high-impact approach to Executive Search. Built around a select number of deep client relationships, Dean Executive Search operates in a fundamentally different way: We are part of your team. As your trusted advisor, we get to know your organization intimately and, as your 24/7 partner, we help solve your toughest assignments together.  It’s all part of our innovative and more personal model.

Unparalleled Experience

We come from major Search Firms and Investment Banks, and we bring our experience, insight and passion to you. With our industry background, our clients and candidates view us as peers, allowing us to establish credibility quickly and solve your searches efficiently. Importantly, we operate an unleveraged model, and, as such, our senior team leads and executes your search by making the calls, assessing the candidates and closing the assignment.

A Network of Experts to Identify Inspiring Candidates

Our dedicated and focused teams are relentless. We search more intelligently and broadly to help identify the best leaders for your organization. By also leveraging innovative new A.I. search technology early in our search process, we create a more robust list of “on-spec” potential candidates in a much timelier manner.

Rigorous Assessment Process

We interview the most relevant candidates and conduct a full competency-based assessment to test their leadership capabilities and future potential. Beyond this, we look for truly unique talent and believe that a candidate’s personal motivations and inner drivers help define them as leaders who stand apart.

No Conflicts

Our approach to exclusivity allows our clients access to a much greater array of candidates, without the typical “off-limits” constraints that can limit your candidate options.